You will feel taller, stronger, more focused and exhilarated!

This is a Classical Pilates run studio. You will be taught the way Joseph Pilates intended, with the apparatus he designed. Believe me when I say this is a workout you should experience. You will feel taller, stronger, more focused and exhilarated!



Jo Moore, founder of JM Pilates.

Trained by top classical trainer, Holly Murray in London at PIStudios I gained my credentials with Power Pilates New York. During my years teaching Pilates with this classical equipment I have seen bodies change, confidence be obtained and clients walking taller and pain free. I wanted to train my mind, learn something new and have a strong body and upright posture. I have seen the proof in my clients. It works.

Here at JM Pilates I stick to the classical method. If you have tried other Pilates in the past you will see and feel the difference with Classical Pilates. My job as a teacher is to adapt the sessions to raise the fitness levels of someone less active as well as to challenge someone very fit. Whatever your level of physical ability, you will be challenged. This is the true classical method. Only a handful of instructors in the UK are certified in the true Classical Pilates Method.


“In 10 sessions, you’ll feel different. In 20 sessions, you’ll look different. And in 30 session, you’ll have a new body” Joseph H. Pilates